Why Commander Paints?

About the Company

Commander paints is a fastest growing paint company, currently operating in Pakistan. With a highly established network of suppliers, competitive product quality and variety of paints and other related products, Commander has already made its pace in professional institutions and individual consumers. And is aiming to expand in different areas of the country with even more products by maintaining the quality of products as well as other unique features that make us stand prominent in the market.

Following are the features that makes us stand out in the market.

  • Research and development

We at Commander Paints believe in continuous research and product development. Our research and development team is striving to develop variety of products with amazing colors and best quality. So that the paint does not only look good at the walls having variety of colors availability but is also safe for the environment, meet industry standards. Moreover, the product variety that we currently have developed includes furniture protection, interior and exterior paints.

  • Variety of Products

Commander paints has a large variety of interior and exterior paints, that allows you to decorate your home by experimenting with colors and finding out the best for the exterior look of your dreamy and cozy home. In interior paints, we have a wide range of color collection available that will provide you with soothing finish and lasting durability both. In exterior paints, along with the variety in colors, you also get weather protection paints that protect the walls and color in extreme weather conditions like rain and sunlight.

  • Competitive Price

Whenever consumers plan to move to high quality paints that gives additional features like better quality, long term durability, smooth finish, washable paint, water resistance or weather emulsion etc. they face problems in pricing of these paints. And normally the correlation of the price and quality is unaffordable to the majority of the consumers. So if that has been an issue for you lately, say it bye with commander paints.