Commander Products

Weather Protection

COMMANDER PAINTS Weather Protection is an excellent quality product. Which is specially formulated for use on all exterior surfaces. COMMANDER Weather Protection gives highly durable finishing long lasting protection and decoration to all exterior surfaces. The smooth finish of COMMANDER Weather Protection has the highest degree of durability and is resistance to all type of weather conditions. It is specially developed for exterior surfaces including brick work, plaster, concrete, wall board’s gypsum etc.

New, bare or previously painted surfaces must be clean dry and free from dust or wax. Clean the surface by rubbing down with abrasive paper. Brush down previously painted surface completely and make the surface smooth. For large holes and cracks use plaster of pairs or white cement allow to dry. Apply COMMANDER PAINTS filler in order to seal the surface from water and salts. Allow surface to dry completely. Then rub down the surface with abrasive paper and dust off. Now the surface will be smooth and ready for COMMANDER PAINTS Weather Protection to be applied. Stir the paint thoroughly before use.

(Depends on temp, humidity, air movements and film thickness)
Drying time 2-4hour after each coat
Coverage 10-14m/liter/coat
Thinner Clean water
No. of coats 2-3
Application Brush, Roller, Spray
Cleaning With water

PACKING SIZE: 16 Litre (Drummy) 4 Litre (Gallon) 1 Litre (Quarter)