Commander Products

Super Wall Primer

A water based primer that is suitable for masonry surfaces. It is formulated to prevent deterioration of emulsion paints by alkalinity of surfaces. As a sealer for masonry surfaces, Cement plaster, Brickwork, Hard/Soft boards, Concrete


Good adhesion
Anti-fungus and algae resistance property
Fast drying for convenient recoating and over coating
Good alkaline and efflorescence resistance.

Surface preparation:

Surface must be clean, dry and stable

Clean with damp cloth. Mild detergent may be used.
Remove by chisel, scraper, powder grinder etc. Replaster to a stable surface with an approved mortar mixture

High moisture causes paint defect.
Observe the following level prior to painting;
Masonry-below 6%
All water seepage must be checked.

Unstable old film removed by power brush or scraper whichever is appropriated.

Wash off and treat with Commander Anti-Fungus solution.
Cleaning: All equipment should be cleaned with water immediately after use.
The information given is intended to give a description of the product performance under specific test conditions. Nevertheless, we cannot assume any responsibility for the use of it since circumstances under which the products are applied in practice are subjected to many variations. We reserve the right to alert the given data without notice.


16liter (Drummy), 4liter (Gallon).