Commander Products


Commander synthetic clear varnish is a top quality alkyd varnish. It has maximum spread and is excellent for making putty. Commander synthetic clear varnish can be used on interior surfaces. Where a high gloss varnish of utmost durability is required.

Apply the varnish in good drying conditions which should be as free from dust as possible. Commander Synthetic Clear Varnish may be applied coat on coal. However before the second coat is applied, the first coat should be allowed to dry thoroughly. When re-varnishing clean and rub down previous varnishing coats. Old perished varnish should be stripped with paint stripper. Commander Synthetic Clear Varnish can be applied ready for use by brush. For spray, it can be thinned as necessary with mineral or genuine turpentine. Commander Synthetic Varnish can be dried in 3-6 hour and is re-coatable after 16 hours.

PACKING SIZE: 3 liter (Gallon), 0.75 liter (Quarter) and 750ml pack sizes.